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CO2 Incubators are one of the basic elements of any research laboratory working in the area of cell biology.

Recently, its use is increasing due to the work increase in specific areas.

CO2 Incubators are a great working tool that can facilitate and accelerate the delivery of results, either in traditional biologic science jobs for growing anaerobic cell and tissue cultures, in molecular biology and also in emerging and rapid growth fields such as stem cells, vitro fertilization, new pharmaceuticals, oncology, etc.

To meet the most demanding needs of any advanced laboratory, J.P. Selecta manufactures INCUBATOR CO2 incubators, which comply with the requirements of the upper-medium segment of the market, both for its reliability and durability as for its accuracy and ease of programming.

INCUBATOR CO2 incubator complies with DIN 12880 Class 3.1 Safety standard including a second independent over temperature control, CO2 set point deviation indicator, door open indication, lack of CO2 pressure and lack of power energy.

It also incorporates the latest technologies such as CO2 monitoring by infrared sensor, microprocessor total control, programming and management by a single knob in conjunction with a large alphanumeric display user interactive.

It can be externally controlled via a computer. It also allows processes to be recorded to a “pen-drive” by attaching the optional USB connection accessory and also can be printed with the printer that can be optionally installed.

It includes chamber sterilization, and has a double door, interior reinforced glass with silicone gasket, and outdoor with heating system to prevent condensations on the glass door.

The moisture content remains at a constant 98% RH level, produced by the evaporation of water from the interior cuvette. It also has a very complete alarm system. These alarms are categorized as follows:

  • Door open for more than 20 seconds.
  • Incubator chamber temperature exceeds the alarm temperature set by the user for more than 7 minutes.
  • Low CO2 supply pressure for more than 20 seconds.
  • Measured CO2 concentration value exceeds the maximum fixed by the user. Close the CO2 valve.
  • Lower chamber temperature exceeds the minimum programmed value.
  • Measured CO2 concentration value is lower than the minimum fixed by the user.
  • CO2 valve open for more than 7 minutes in interrupted.
  • Difference between the two probes higher than 2ºC for more than 5 minutes.

Technical Features

- Steel case coated with epoxy.
- Thermal insulation around the used chamber.
- Inner chamber made of stainless steel.
- Interior door of tempered glass with silicone gasket.
- Heated external steel door with electromagnetic lock.
- CO2 input for Ø 6 and 4 mm tube with microfilter.
- Front sampling to analyze the CO2 concentration.
- RS232 connexion
- Controlled humidity level at 98% H.R.
- Control and programming by a single knob.
- LCD alphanumeric screen of 2x40.
- Temperature and CO2 digital control by microprocessor.
- Temperature range from ambient +5ºC to 50ºC.
- Stability ±0.2ºC to 37ºC.
- Homogeneity ±0.5ºC to 37ºC.
- Resolution: 0.1ºC
- Alarm range: from ambient +5ºC to 50ºC.
- CO2 range from 0 to 20%.
- CO2 stability: ±0.3%
- CO2 resolution: 0.1%
- Capacity 150L. with 9 shelf guides.
- External measures: 95cm height x 65cm width x 73cm depth
- Inner measures:65cm height x 50cm width x 46cm depth
- Weight: 110Kg
- Power consumption: 800W

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